Covid 19 Related Health & Safety Reopening Plan

This reopening plan is designed to safeguard the health and safety of Sutton East Tennis’ patrons, guests and staff while Covid 19 transmission remains a risk.

Facility & Staff

●All persons entering in the facility will complete a health survey and temperature check
● Four protective transparent barriers are placed at the front desk.
● Staff and customers shall wear masks when in the lobby, deck or locker rooms. Masks are optional on court.
● Only one parent or guardian should accompany children.
● Players shall arrive no more than 10 minutes in advance of play, dressed for play and exit the facility once play has finished.
● Brightly colored arrows will guide flow of foot traffic to ensure maximum social distancing at all times.
● Signage is posted in many locations around the facility to remind people to wash their hands often and social distance.
● Coffee station will be closed until further notice.
● Chairs on deck will be placed approximately 6 feet apart.
● Entrances and exits will be indicated as “one way” whenever possible, including entrance and exit to courts. Curtains and doors will be propped open wherever possible so that people need not touch them.
● Towel service will be suspended.
● Demo racket service will be suspended.
● Drinking fountain will be disconnected and patrons are required to bring their own water bottles.
● Only two people are allowed in the Pro Shop at any given time. Only one person is allowed in office at any given time.
● Basement (Pro’s locker room) is limited to two people at a time
● Showers closed during this time.
● Desk staff shall every 2 hours wipe down phones, computers, printers and any other commonly touched or used office equipment.


● Commonly touched surfaces (door handles, counters, sinks, toilets, lockers, etc) will be disinfected, using maximum strength products and gloves, every two hours and documented.
● Ball baskets and any other court equipment will be cleaned often.
● Hand sanitizer and disinfectant soap will be made available at sinks and other locations.

Play & Programming

● It is recommended that all players wash hands with disinfectant soap and water (for 20 seconds or longer), or use a hand sanitizer if soap and water are not readily available, before going to the court.
● Student handling of balls and court equipment should be kept to a minimum. Extra care will be taken to ensure the coach and players do not touch their faces during play, and all should clean hands before and after play.
● Do not share racquets or any other equipment such as wristbands, grips, hats and towels.
● If you need to sneeze or cough, do so into a tissue or upper sleeve.
● Pro is ultimately responsible to maintain social distancing.
● Programming will follow government guidelines as to class sizes. During phase 3 of reopening at least programs will be limited to no more than 5-8 per court depending on the program.
● Games and matches should be done where players rarely, if ever switch sides of the court, and if they do then they must maintain social distance.
●For our Pee Wee (ages 3-5) and Red Ball (ages 5.5-8) children and coaches will be required to wear masks on court until further notice. Older children and their coaches will not be required to wear masks as they utilize a larger court space and are better able to socially distance.